Двигатель Deutz F 5 L 912

Air-cooled 5-cylinder naturally aspirated engine in inline arrangement.
The very compact engine design and the flexibility of the positioning of the unit reduce the installation costs.
Low fuel consumption, low mainte- nance costs and long life reduce the running costs.
Due to the air cooling, the integration of the engine into the classic engine-cooling version of marine engines is omitted. Installation of the unit onto the deck is possible.
The robust engine design allows world- wide operation even with high sulphur fuels.
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Technical data
Number of cylinders 5
Bore 102 mm4 in
Stroke 125 mm4.9 in
Displacement 5.4 l330 cu in
Propulsion engines LG A 58 kW78 hp
Propulsion engines LG B 65 kW87 hp
Specific fuel consumption 215 g/kWh0.35 lb/hph
Length 946 mm37.2 in
Width 680 mm26.8 in
Height 838 mm33 in
Weight 380 kg838 lb